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Northpoint Grand POA members, who are current on their dues, can reserve the ball field, clubhouse and pool; we no longer rent to non-homeowners. Homeowners need to be current on their dues 30 days before rental.

Ball field: There is no fee to rent the ball field, but reservations are required.

Clubhouse: To reserve the clubhouse, there is a $25 fee for each 4-hour reservation period (this includes setup and cleanup). There is a $75 refundable security deposit.

Note: The pool cannot be rented.

If you are interested in reserving either the ball field, clubhouse or pool, please follow the below steps for reservations.

1.) Check availability of the ball field, clubhouse or pool on the calendar. (Ball field [BF] reservations are in blue, clubhouse [CH] reservations are in red, pool [P] reservations are in green.)

2.) If the date and time you wish to use is available, email Geoffrey McKilligan.

3.) Geoffrey will contact you to confirm the reservation and schedule a time to meet with you to take the payment (for clubhouse and pool reservations only) and sign the contract.

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